How High Level Software is Transforming Human Resource Management at Bello’s Cleaning

by | May 20, 2024

Efficient human resource management is crucial for operational success and customer satisfaction in the cleaning industry. At Bello’s Cleaning, we have adopted High Level software, traditionally designed for sales and marketing, as a comprehensive tool to enhance various aspects of our human resource management. Below, we explore how this software has revolutionized our internal processes, from hiring to training and communication.

Hiring Process

this is about job expectations and filling out the job -Hiring process - Click design media

Hiring is the first critical step in building a competent and committed workforce. High Level allows us to create a hiring funnel. Through these landing pages, candidates can learn about the job and position expectations and fill out the job application.

It also enables us to add conditions to select the best candidates, who can then schedule interviews using an integrated calendar. This approach streamlines the hiring process and improves the candidate experience, increasing their interest in joining our team.

Employee Onboarding

Newly hired need to fill out this type of forms -Employee onboarding - clickdesignmedia

Once selected, employees undergo a structured onboarding process. High Level facilitates this by allowing us to send important documents, such as employment agreements, for digital signature. This tool significantly reduces the time spent on paperwork and allows for a quicker and more efficient start in their respective positions.

Training Process

we have training courses uploaded to go high level that can easily access by the employees- training process - clickdesignmedia

Training ensures all team members are well-equipped to meet Bello’s Cleaning standards. High Level offers a platform where we can upload training courses, monitor each employee’s progress, and grant and revoke access to courses as needed.

During the training, the software also allows us to automatically send motivational messages and cleaning tips via emails and texts, ensuring that staff remain motivated and well-informed to complete their training successfully.

Documentation and Communication Management

we use go high level for the documentation like personal information, emergencies and work permits -Documentation and Communication Management-clickdesign media

We also use High Level to fill out and track essential forms, such as work permits and emergencies, ensuring that all relevant information is digitally accessible and easy to manage.

Moreover, with its integrated phone system, we can effectively communicate with employees through calls and text messages directly from the platform, facilitating quick and efficient communication from a single platform.

Calendar and Event Organization

With the use of calendar in go high level we can easily monitor meetings and appointments - Calendar and Event Organization- clickdesignmedia

The High Level calendar is essential for scheduling one-on-one meetings, performance reviews, and interview appointments. Integrating these events into the software helps optimize our schedules and ensures that managers and employees are always aware of their commitments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does High Level assist in the hiring process?  

High Level allows us to create customized landing pages and forms to register candidates for interviews, simplifying the hiring process and improving the candidate experience.

Can documents be signed digitally through High Level? 

Yes, High Level allows for the digital signing of important documents such as employment agreements, streamlining the onboarding process and reducing the need for paper handling.

Can you monitor employee training progress?

Yes, High Level offers functionalities to upload training materials and monitor each employee’s progress, ensuring comprehensive and efficient training.

Does High Level allow direct communication with employees?  

Yes, with High Level’s integrated phone system, we can directly communicate with employees via calls, recorded calls, and text messages from the platform.

How much does High Level cost? 

Plans start at $97, plus additional costs for emails, messages, incoming and outgoing calls, and AI usage.

Suppose you are not familiar with setting up and creating automation or with everything you want to develop on the High Level platform. In that case, you will need to pay an agency that uses High Level a one-time setup fee and a monthly maintenance plan or whenever you need help. 

Click Design Media offers this service. If you need our assistance, contact us by email so we can send you our pricing list.

Implementing High Level at Bello’s Cleaning has optimized our human resource processes and improved communication and operational efficiency. This innovative approach highlights our commitment to excellence and the well-being of our team, ensuring that we continue to improve our operations.